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BWRT is effective with a variety of issues such as

  • Phobia’s
  • anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • Anger
  • Grief
  • Depression
  • Substance abuse
  • Panic attacks
  • Processing traumatic experiences
  • Dealing with abuse.
BWRT Sandton Janine Giannini
BWRT Sandton Janine Giannini

I run my practice so that you can find BWRT in Fourways, Dainfern and Sandton

BWRT is a modality used in therapy and counselling that can be highly effective with numerous problems. It is amazingly adaptive because you, the client are a large part of the process… it is a process that is ultimately adapted to how you want to be, how you prefer to perceive the world and events and what makes the most sense to you.

Below are some testimonial from clients :

“I am a young entrepreneur and had issues related to drinking, insecurities and addiction

I met with Janine who helped me work on these issues.

The therapy was amazing and really helped me with dealing with my triggers and making better decisions for myself. It helped me rewire my brain to a certain extent with regards to my addictions and insecurities.

I found that after a few counselling sessions I had made significant progress. The tools provided in the BWRT process is amazing and can really help and benefit anyone wanting to grow, change and better themselves in any way possible.

Highly recommend the counselling as we as Janine herself for being an amazing Mentor and counsellor.”

“BWRT was a new experience for me

I found it easy and quick to adapt too  and it was not a heavy process

It definitely contributed to helping me with my issue”

“I have been doing really well!… I feel the treatments we have done are really paying off… the one with self is probably been the biggest change for me- I have been able to accept myself, I actually am enjoying and insisting on time by myself. 😊 “

“I feel like my old self again, and a lot more wiser. The fear and anxiety that I had, has gone and I’m more at peace. Even when I have thought about that night, I’m not numbed by fear or anxiety, nor do I feel any sort of pain. It’s a memory and I’m fine with it, I’m not overwhelmed by it any more. That heaviness, that burden, seems like I left it in your office that day.

It’s like I was in a  dark cloud, that has now cleared and I can breath and also focus on the things that I want for my life again.

I’m incredibly grateful for our sessions, it has really helped me come out of a gloom situation and has made me realise how strong I am. “

“ I have thus far been able to manage my sugar cravings miraculously!  I have also managed to shed a few kilos up to date and continue to shed the “sugar” off!”

“I definitely do not have that crippling feeling when food is around that I feel I must have.  I have much more of a have what you need and that’s enough mentality. … I went straight to work without even giving the chocolate another thought and thinking about it now I don’t even crave it.”

You are welcome to contact me directly to set up a session on BWRT Fourways , Dainfern, Sandton

Fourways BWRT
Fourways BWRT