Coronavirus Resilience Building and Anxiety Management Workbook

Coronavirus Resilience Building and Anxiety Management Workbook 1



It is OK – it is not only you –
Common Feelings During  COVID-19


  I have noticed some reactions and feelings not only in myself but that have regularly come up in others as well…

  1. Noticeably and obviously feeling isolated and disconnected from those outside your immediate surroundings.
  2. Feeling out of control due to the uncertain situation, the virus and the economy
  3. Feeling the need to “hibernate” and turn inward to process the emotions that the lock down is bringing up
  4. Feeling irritable and agitated
  5. Anxiety about health, finances and the future are heightened
  6. Some feelings of hopelessness, helplessness and depression
  7. Mood swings: feeling motivated and high in energy one moment and then feeling low and sad the next
  8. Feeling anxious about going to the shops and sanitizing
  9. Knowing that you feel something – but you not sure what – confusion

If you are feeling any of the above you are not alone, please do not feel as if you are the only one not always coping or feeling confused. The above are normal reactions to an abnormal situation. The majority of us (at some point at least) are going to struggle with something in this period of time. Don’t be afraid to reach out and speak out, the very verbalizing of your feelings at this point to another can be cathartic for yourself and even helpful to another.  

Let us focus on supporting each other and our strengths, let us use this opportunity to strengthen our connection with family, friends and community. Lets use this opportunity to grown, use initiative, to learn, to triumph over adversity and become resilient.

We are in this together !.

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