Fourways Counsellor

Fourways Counsellor – Janine Giannini is a Registered Counsellor (with the HPCSA) close to the Fourways area.

Janine has extensive experience dealing with Trauma, Anxiety, stress management, relationship challenges and management as well as grief counselling. She works with individuals from the age of 12 and up as well as couples.

Couples counselling if for those struggling with current challenges, trust , communication and infidelity as well as pre-marital counselling or divorce counselling.

Over and above her BPsych Degree Janine has numerous other certifications and diplomas. These include:

-Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT) : BWRT is a wonderful Neuro-psychology tool highly effective in dealing with trauma, anxiety, depression, phobia’s as well as habits that are hard to break, allowing you to re frame your behaviour in such away that you prefer rather than what it currently is.

-Post Graduate 2 yr diploma in Addiction care

-Brain Spotting Is a Neuro Psychology tool that allows one to develop capacity and resilience with emotion regulation. Widening the window of tolerance for stressful, anxiety provoking and difficult situations as well as allowing the individual to fully process events that are stored in such away that they can be released and improve capacity for challenging and traumatic situations.

-Interactional Pattern Analysis I, II , III and Couples Interactional Analysis : Interactional Pattern Analysis allows the counsellor to identify a person’s specific patterns of interaction within various relationships. Identifying variables that are strong or missing allows for accurate pin pointing of areas that require attention and work in such away that practical measures or therapy tools can be used effectively and efficiently.

For any further information about sessions, services or the specific tools mentioned above or specific requests please contact Janine on

Although Janine is a Fourways Counsellor she also offers online Counselling or a hybrid approach to best suit her clients needs.