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If you have patterns of behaviour, thoughts, emotions and perspectives you would like to change, BWRT is a modern methodology based on neuroscience and research that is highly fast effective and lasting.


BWRT® is a new model of psychology and psychopathology created by UK professional therapist, Terence Watts, MCGI. It fits comfortably with current thinking on neuroscience and is determinedly solution-focused and evidence-based. It is largely content-free, using the client’s own thought processes to effect a release from the symptomatic pattern.

BWRT is inspired by latest research and technology into how the brain works, lays down memories and patterns of thinking and behaviour that affect us and impacts us in our day to day living and behaviour and hence our overall well- being and perspective on the world and our experiences. BWRT is a highly effective therapy that allows us to chose how we want to think about ourselves and the rest of the world and our behaviour. The results are fast and bring about lasting change.

BWRT is based on research by Virtual Nobel prize winner, Benjamin Libet. In 2003, he was the first recipient of the Virtual Nobel Prize in Psychology from the University of Klagenfurt, "for his pioneering achievements in the experimental investigation of consciousness, initiation of action, and free will". His research showed that there is a significant gap (more than ⅓ second) between the moment the brain starts to act upon any stimulus and our becoming consciously aware of that action. What this means, is that by the time we know  we are acting in a certain way the brain has already set various messages in action and the necessary chemicals and “orders” for that behaviour to occur have already been sent. So it would seem that to change behaviour once it has already happened means you are always on the back foot.

Modern methodologies like BWRT are based not simply on the after fact of behavior but are designed around how the brain processes, stores and uses information resulting in the behaviour hence providing effective methods to change behaviour BEFORE it becomes conscious.


BWRT and its unique process allows us the opportunity to work in that gap between the commencement of an action and conscious awareness. So that the “old behaviour” can be re-written before it becomes conscious and by using repetition, reflection and acceptance of its success. The brain has neuro-plasticity, meaning the ability of the brain to change continuously throughout an individual's life. Neural networks can strengthen or weaken, and new neural pathways can be developed. BWRT uses this neuro-plasticity to lay down new memories and create new neural pathways in your brain with behaviour, reactions, perceptions and emotions that you would prefer as opposed to old habits, reactions and behaviours you currently have.


– Food issues e.g., emotional eating/boredom eating/overeating

– Anxiety (generalized and specific)

– Fear of failure

  – phobias

– Performance issues (e.g. giving a speech)

– Sports performance

– Procrastination

– Panic Attacks

– Relationship issues

– Depression (mild to moderate)

– Anger


– Stress responses to situations

– Trauma (car accidents, hijackings, break ins, assault etc.)

– Addiction and Substance abuse

– Eating disorders


– Obsessions

– Severe OCD

– Binge eating/secret eating

Anger Management


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