Life Changes and Transitions

Going through changes and transitions in life can be very difficult, unsettling and hard to regain balance or even purpose in your life. So if divorce, change of career, getting married, becoming a parent or retirement has caught you off guard and off balance counselling may be the answer to finding harmony once again.

Life Changes

Life changes can be moving house, going through a divorce, being retrenched, changing careers, going through puberty and adolescence. Even when change is for the best, the unknown can often be daunting, scary and make one feel unbalanced and unsure and even confused.

Although friends and family may be there to speak to and they may do their best to support, they don’t always offer an objective opinion and may not always be available in today’s busy and rushed world. This is where individual counselling can help with the change by asking relevant questions that often help you to organise your thoughts and goals, this may assist you with a change.

Support and Counselling

Counselling sessions are confidential and held in a safe, warm and non judgemental environment in allowing you to work though your feelings, opinions and worries without being influenced or pressured. This also helps with managing the stress and dealing with the conflict that that can arise from these major life changes.

Counselling and receiving support through life changes is available for children, adolescents as well as adults. sometimes all a person needs is a little support and an understanding and empathetic ear to help them navigate through difficult or unknown territory. For more information you can also visit the page on individual counselling here.



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