Supporting the child who finds school challenging – A basic summary that can also help those with ADHD, ADD, ASD, Lonehill, Johannesburg

In a busy world with either single parent homes or both parents working long hours as well as large number of children in classrooms it is increasingly difficult to keep an eye on school work. It is becoming increasing difficult to know if your child is coping and detecting problems in the beginning stages.
Here are some ideas/suggestions and strategies to help stay organised and keep abreast of school work and any potential problems that may arise. Below is a basic outline and summary of items to look out for that can help busy parents, children who may be struggling with the additional stress and pace of school in today’s fast pace world as well as those children with ADD, ADHD or ASD that may need more support than other children.

1) Communication and relationship with the school, principle and teacher/s is a key aspect to work on:

There are a number of ways and strategies to keep communication honest, open and professional. Communication strategies that include the parents, teachers as well as the child are often successful in helping to see problem areas and avoid catastrophes. Though effective communication strategies stress levels can be reduced, marks improved and a better and more understanding relationship forms between all parties involved.

2) Keep a finger on the pulse consistently: By keeping your finger on the pulse it is that much easier to identify problems or areas that may develop into larger challenges. By identifying any problematic areas early on saves time and additional stress and it is always easier to navigate obstacles if they have been identified early on.

3) In the classroom
Often teachers and parents need to find the best space in the classroom for the child. Seating arrangements are important and can either have a positive or negative impact on your child. Simple and practical solutions to helping the teacher and child gain the most effective space for concentration, focus and support are very helpful.

There are also a number of “hints” that a child may give a teacher or a parent that they are not understanding/have lost focus or zoned out. Part of my workshops/sessions and training are to help parents and teachers identify these.

4) Teachers and additional lessons/Tutors working together

If teachers and additional tutors work together towards a common goal progress is usually faster and more noticeable. Again there are a number of communication strategies to help promote seamless communication between parents, teachers and additional tutors. teamwork is key !!

5) Helping your pupil or child to organise their time effectively so as not to over whelmed with too much work to do.
Large projects and additional work that needs to be done and even daily homework can become over whelming and time consuming for all especially for the child where academics do not come naturally. Where possible keep this work fun and a positive experience. Also Help the child to organise their time effectively and in small bits where possible. Identify times and place that are conducive to better concentration. Workshops and courses and individual sessions can help you with specifics that will help organise your child and indirectly help calm and stay away from chaos and last minute panics….

6) Also ways keep a check on self-esteem:

Self-esteem and ways in which to praise hard work, work well done and excercises to continuously build a good and healthy self-esteem is often key in performing well at school. So many children that struggle in the school environment develop low self-esteem. Low self-esteem has far reaching consequences. Visit my post on self-esteem for more details.


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