What is Self-Esteem, Self-Esteem Counselling, Self-Esteem Counselling in Lonehill, Johannesburg

Self-Esteem is often over looked in both adults and children as a simple concept, and often not taken seriously enough as a factor in a healthy, stable,  mental and emotional well being in a persons life. Poor self-esteem is so very often one of the root issues to larger issues that eventually may present themselves in a persons life. Looking after your self-esteem or that of your child is so important an may help to prevent much hardship as one negotiates the path through ones life.

What is self-esteem?

Self-esteem can be seen as the feelings an individual has about themselves, their own value as a competent and worthwhile person. A person’s self-esteem can change over time or differ according to phases in their life. Self-esteem can be influenced by a number of issues such as gender, weight, interaction with others, performance at school or sports, challenges and obstacles that the person may currently be facing amongst others.

Research has linked low self-esteem to issues such as depression, suicidal ideation, presence of eating disorders, self harming behaviours and other potentially destructive problems. A high self-esteem helps to act as a buffer against such problems. There is also a dynamic relationship between self-esteem and skills development. As ones self-esteem improves so does ones academic competence and in turn as the academic competence improves so does the self-esteem.

Self-esteem affects and is affected by most categories in a person’s life such as.

1) Social (public, friends and family)
2) Competence (Skills levels, sports, school work, career etc.)
3)Character (generosity, empathy etc.)
4) Physical (appearance, clothing etc.)

It is important to monitor self-esteem in each category within your own life as well as if you are a parent/caregiver/teacher attempt to foster a healthy self-esteem in all categories in the children you are in contact with.

For more information on face to face and one on one self-esteem counselling as well as workshops that I run for adults, parents and age appropriate workshops for children in a private capacity and at schools, please contact me on janine@yourtherapy.co.za


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