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BWRT Sandton Janine Giannini
BWRT is a neuro-psychology technique

BWRT is effective with a variety of issues such as

  • Phobia’s
  • anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • Anger
  • Grief
  • Depression
  • Substance abuse
  • Panic attacks
  • Processing traumatic experiences
  • Dealing with abuse
  • Relationship Issues
  • processing trauma
  • Fear of Failure
  • Guilt and Trust Issues
  • Procrastination
  • Sports Performance
  • Food Related problems
  • Stress Responses
  • Self-Esteem Issues
BWRT Sandton Janine Giannini
BWRT Sandton Janine Giannini

I run my practice so that you can find BWRT in Fourways, Dainfern and Sandton however online sessions are also available.

BWRT is a modality used in therapy and counselling that can be highly effective with numerous problems. It is amazingly adaptive because you, the client are a large part of the process… it is a process that is ultimately adapted to how you want to be, how you prefer to perceive the world and events and what makes the most sense to you. BWRT FOURWAYS



BWRT® is a new model of psychology and psychopathology created by UK professional therapist, Terence Watts, MCGI. It fits comfortably with current thinking on neuroscience and is determinedly solution-focused and evidence-based. It is largely content-free, using the client’s own thought processes to effect a release from the symptomatic pattern

BWRT is inspired by latest research and technology into how the brain works, lays down memories and patterns of thinking and behaviour that affect us and impacts us in our day to day living and behaviour and hence our overall well- being and perspective on the world and our experiences. BWRT is a highly effective therapy that allows us to chose how we want to think about ourselves and the rest of the world and our behaviour. The results are fast and bring about lasting change.

BWRT is based on research by Virtual Nobel prize winner, Benjamin Libet.  In 2003, he was the first recipient of the Virtual Nobel Prize in Psychology from the University of Klagenfurt, “for his pioneering achievements in the experimental investigation of consciousness, initiation of action, and free will”. His research showed that there is a significant gap (more than ⅓ second) between the moment the brain commences to act upon any stimulus and our becoming consciously aware of that action. What this means is that by the time we know we are acting in a certain way the brain has already set various messages in action and the necessary chemicals and “orders” for that behaviour to occur have already been sent. So it would seem that to change behaviour once it has already happened means you are always on the back foot. Modern methodologies like BWRT are based not simply on the after fact of behavior but are designed around how the brain processes, stores and uses information resulting in the behaviour hence providing effective methods to change behaviour BEFORE it becomes conscious.


An analogy to view the brain could be that of a filing system. Our brains throughout our lives file experiences and draw on this information to inform us how to behave and feel according to what we have experienced previously. The brain is constantly assessing our environment and interpreting what is picks up using past information in these files. It does this unconsciously and hence our behaviour is set in motion before we are able to consciously decide. One may say that the information in these files sometimes becomes outdated, corrupt, irrelevant in later life or far too generalized leading us to be triggered for example even when an actual threat is not present.

BWRT and its unique process allows us the opportunity to work in that gap between the commencement of an action and conscious awareness. So that the “old behaviour” can be re-written before it becomes conscious and by using repetition, reflection and acceptance of its success. The brain has neuroplasticity, meaning the ability of the brain to change continuously throughout an individual’s life. Neural networks can strengthen or weaken, and new neural pathways can be developed. BWRT uses this neuroplasticity to lay down new memories and create new neural pathways in your brain with behaviour, reactions, perceptions and emotions that you would prefer as opposed to old habits, reactions and behaviors you currently have.

I practice BWRT in Fourways and surrounds as well as online.


It is a private process:

You can address issues in the process without having to divulge the details in your process.

 It is non-intrusive:

It focuses on the outcome:BWRT is solution focused

The results are lasting:

Once a new neural pathway is established, it cannot return to the old negative neural pathways.

Below are some testimonial from clients :

“I am a young entrepreneur and had issues related to drinking, insecurities and addiction

I met with Janine who helped me work on these issues.

The therapy was amazing and really helped me with dealing with my triggers and making better decisions for myself. It helped me rewire my brain to a certain extent with regards to my addictions and insecurities.

I found that after a few counselling sessions I had made significant progress. The tools provided in the BWRT process is amazing and can really help and benefit anyone wanting to grow, change and better themselves in any way possible.

Highly recommend the counselling as we as Janine herself for being an amazing Mentor and counsellor.”

“BWRT was a new experience for me

I found it easy and quick to adapt too  and it was not a heavy process

It definitely contributed to helping me with my issue”

“I have been doing really well!… I feel the treatments we have done are really paying off… the one with self is probably been the biggest change for me- I have been able to accept myself, I actually am enjoying and insisting on time by myself. 😊 “

“I feel like my old self again, and a lot more wiser. The fear and anxiety that I had, has gone and I’m more at peace. Even when I have thought about that night, I’m not numbed by fear or anxiety, nor do I feel any sort of pain. It’s a memory and I’m fine with it, I’m not overwhelmed by it any more. That heaviness, that burden, seems like I left it in your office that day.

It’s like I was in a  dark cloud, that has now cleared and I can breath and also focus on the things that I want for my life again.

I’m incredibly grateful for our sessions, it has really helped me come out of a gloom situation and has made me realise how strong I am. “

“ I have thus far been able to manage my sugar cravings miraculously!  I have also managed to shed a few kilos up to date and continue to shed the “sugar” off!”

“I definitely do not have that crippling feeling when food is around that I feel I must have.  I have much more of a have what you need and that’s enough mentality. … I went straight to work without even giving the chocolate another thought and thinking about it now I don’t even crave it.”

You are welcome to contact me directly to set up a session on BWRT Fourways , Dainfern, Sandton

Fourways BWRT
Fourways BWRT